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Major Festivals of Mustang

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Major Festivals The monasteries and religious places of Mustang serve not only as places of worship and cultural identity but also as places of celebration.  After one celebration it is usually not long before the halls of mud and stone [...]

Settlements and Attractions

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In the district of Mustang, there are four culturally distinct settlements.  In the south is the area of Thak Saatsae, which literally means ‘seven hundred houses’.  This area comprises of the villages of Ghasa in the south, Lete, Kalopani, Kobang, [...]

Information of Mustang

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The Land of Fascination Introduction: There are few places left in the world where mystery still exists, where the long arms of ‘civilization’ and globalization have not reached.  On the northern border of Nepal in the heart of the Himalayas [...]


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Jomsom - The Windy Valley Introduction: Jomsom, situated at an altitude of 2710m, lies in the Trans -Himalayan rain shadow zone which causes a rather dry climate forming a desert-like landscape. It falls in the popular Annapurna Circuit Trek route. The [...]


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A Symbiotic Religious Site of Hindus and Buddhists Introduction: Muktinath is situated at an altitude of 3710m at the base of Kathang Kang (Thorung Peak), in Baarah Gaun (twelve villages) region in Mustang district. It is a gateway to Mustang from Manang on [...]


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The Village of Apple Orchards Introduction: It lies in the Trans – Himalayan rain shadow zone and for most of the year is not affected by raging monsoons in the lower belt.  The village is mostly inhabited by the Mawatan Thakalis [...]


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Medieval Mustang Town Introduction: Situated at an altitude of 2,800m, Kagbeni is a unique village of Baarah Gaun (twelve villages) region in Mustang district. It lies on the popular Annapurna Circuit Trek and is a gateway to Upper Mustang. It is a fascinating [...]

About Area

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Jomsom lies at 2,700 meters above sea level, in an area that bridges the Himalayan foothills and the Tibetan Plateau. Jomsom is the main commerce and administrative centre of Nepal’s Mustang region. Featuring the only major airstrip north of the [...]

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